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Only One You by Linda Kranz

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Only One You ($12.95)

ISBN 0-87358-901-7 | ISBN-13: 978-0873589017

This is a story about a deep love that is shared between parents and their child. Sharing wisdom from one generation to another is so important. As parents, our hope is that our words will be embraced and stored away until they are needed. I wanted this colorful story to be a springboard that allows families to talk about memories and life lessons with their children. There is certainly no more enjoyable close to a busy day than sharing a special story with your child.

By visually seeing these simple thoughts, together with fun, lively characters, children will make a meaningful connection and understand that they, in their own way, can truly make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. They will celebrate their own uniqueness.

As adults, we get tangled up in our busy, everyday schedules, and we need to be reminded that we should be making time for ourselves and family. We should be enjoying life each and every day.

How schools are embracing the message in Only One You

Click here to read some letters from educators about how Only One You has inspired and enriched their classroom experience.

The schools have chosen Only One You as their book of the year:

My name is Jamie Roybal and I am the proud principal of Gust Elementary School. My wonderful experiences working in the field of education began when I became a teacher. I worked as an English teacher for ten years before leaving the classroom and beginning my administrative career. I am fortunate to be in a position where I am able to continue to promote and celebrate the successes of amazing teachers and students here at Gust Elementary School! The book I chose is called Only One You, by Linda Kranz. I selected this book because it emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual learner. Additionally, the book contains one of my favorite lines: “There’s only one you in this great big world, make it a better place.” As an instructional leader, I realize that it is not enough to hope that all students succeed; it is the entire school learning community working together that ensures each student achieves great gains academically and citizenship, as well.

The school made up T-shirts that focus on the message that there’s Only One You

My book for this school year is Only One You. Through this book, the children will understand that they, in their own way, can truly make a difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them. They will celebrate their own uniqueness.

We are using this book with our students this year. My principal asked about your newest book. We love Only One You and I am sure the second one is just as good.

We read “Only One You” by Linda Kranz, a book that teaches important lessons through words and pictures of fish (painted rocks). We talked how we can work together, but that we are all different and special. Students then chose their own rocks and copied the shape onto a piece of paper, adding their own design to represent them.

My principal has chosen to use your book as a basis of a yearlong school initiative at the beginning of this school year. All the teachers read your book to their classes. The staff painted rocks, while the students made paper versions to decorate the halls. The students are now working on their rocks. I will keep you posted as we do more things this year, but I thought you might like to see the photo gallery I created for our website. Go to and scroll down til you see “Only One You.” Enjoy!!

Hi there. I work at Hiteon Elementary School in Beaverton, OR. At our staff meeting in June the Principal, Ms. Hansmann read us your book at then we all got to decorate a fish. They are going to be displayed at the school this fall and the children are going to create their own special fish too. I will send you a picture of the fish the staff created and then toward the end of September I will send you pictures of the fish the 600 plus students design.

What educators are saying about Only One You...

As an Elementary School Counselor, Only One You has become a valuable teaching resource to use with my students in small groups. As we talk about Mama and Papa’s “words of wisdom” students begin to share their thoughts about friendships and their own life experiences. I give my students the opportunity to practice stress reduction techniques as they create and paint personalized rock fish. I incorporate Only One You into my classroom lessons while we discuss diversity and accepting others as unique individuals. Only One You was an inspiration for my classroom bulletin board encouraging self esteem, positive thinking and respecting individuality.

Only One You was sent to all principals, during the 2008-9 school year, to 6 districts between Brooklyn and Staten Island, approximately 250 schools, and was used as the book of the month. My office, the Office of School and Youth Development, partners with principals in finding ways to improve and foster a positive school community for staff, students, and parents. In working together we build proficiency in the skills to improve the lives of our children and build self-esteem and self-image, teamwork and bonding, goal setting, personal and social responsibility and self resiliency. Character development is extremely important. We work with schools to build strong core values such as respect, honesty, responsibility, compassion, determination etc. These values need to be modeled and school communities need to be accountable to the standards of conduct that these core values portray. Our office prepares individuals to positively change lives and communities by fostering the belief that each one can achieve and become everything they envision and dream of becoming. So this book is the perfect gem with its simple text and vibrant pictures to open avenues of discussion to send our important message.

Let me begin by saying that your book was apt for several reasons. First and most evident was the message of leaving the nest and all that is familiar. Secondly, the parental advice (albeit pointed toward a younger audience) was well understood by the graduating class. Thirdly, it accentuates the uniqueness of every individual, no matter what the age or origin. And finally, it gives a child permission to begin his/her voyage into adulthood. So, in a real sense, the book shows the reader a human condition that transcends cultures. As far as a quote, I think the following might be apropos:

“Sometimes the simplest message carries the greatest profundity, unencumbered by big words or flowery phrases but leading straight to the heart.”

I have worked here for 20 years and when these students started kindergarten we read stories together every week in the library. I was honored to have them ask me to be their guest speaker at their high school graduation. The students requested during my talk I include a book to read aloud to them one last time. After looking for just the right book, I have selected Only One You. When I first read it I immediately fell in love with it and knew that it would be perfect for the occasion. It encompasses so well the message I want to send about being true to one self and letting your life be an example for others; wherever life takes you, you can make a difference!

Parents and educators spend their whole lives protecting and preparing our children to venture out on their own and become active participants and leaders in society. As they embark, we take our final opportunity to pack away as many words of wisdom to see them through the calm and the storm. Only One You was the perfect gift for our graduating class and a book I trust our children can return to throughout their lives.

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