How to Become a Writer

Write poems,silly and serious,
write stories, long ones and short ones,
write postcards, in tiny handwriting so
you can fit your message in that small
writing space. Write wish lists, for
tomorrow, next month and next year.

Write about your dreams!

Read books that make you smile
and think about their messages.
Go to the library and check out books,
go to the bookstore and see what’s new.

Listen closely to what people say,
listen to words in songs, listen to
birds singing on a sunny afternoon,
be aware of what’s going on around you.

Write happy thoughts, write thoughts that
make you cry, write letters to friends
far away and notes to friends close by.

Write about the things that you love ~
write about what’s inside your heart …

Write about fiery red sunsets, the laughter
of friends, hugs, rainstorms, your pet, and
write about what you know best. Just write,
and write and write!

Put all these things together then …
find a quiet place to gather your thoughts
and write them down on paper. Keep a writers
journal. Fill it up, then fill up another …

That’s when you will become a writer.

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