Here’s an idea for a classroom bulletin board

First, get some fish templates. Download Linda’s Tools for Teachers and scroll down to page 7.

Print copies for the students to color in their own unique way. You can enlarge the fish designs on a copy machine.

Place the finished fish on bright colored paper with enough extra room to add the students names. Notice a blank fish template on page 4 for those students that want to create their own fish design. The heading on the bulletin board can be: “How can you make our classroom a better place,” “How can you make our school a better place,” or “How can you make the world a better place.”

Arrange the fish on the board around the blank white paper in the middle. On the blank paper, number 1–10 or more. Ask the students for their ideas.

This project will brighten up your classroom and get students thinking.

You can also visit my Only One You page or my You Be You page and click the images to download individual templates.

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