Who Wants To Hear A Story?

I sit in the “author chair”
students gather around my feet,
I can’t help but smile as I look
at their faces so excited and sweet.

As I read and show the pages
they sit so still,
I hope I’ll capture their interest
I think that I will.

I notice that they lean in
to hear what I say,
they relate, they nod their heads
Oh happy day!

I read the last page
and to my surprise
the children clap loudly
and tears fill my eyes.

As I gather my author kit
and pack up my things,
my confidence is soaring
I feel like I’ve grown wings.

I’m humbled by the praises
and the pleased warm looks
and I think to myself …
This … is why I write books!

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How to Become a Writer

Write poems,silly and serious,
write stories, long ones and short ones,
write postcards, in tiny handwriting so
you can fit your message in that small
writing space. Write wish lists, for
tomorrow, next month and next year.

Write about your dreams!

Read books that make you smile
and think about their messages.
Go to the library and check out books,
go to the bookstore and see what’s new.

Listen closely to what people say,
listen to words in songs, listen to
birds singing on a sunny afternoon,
be aware of what’s going on around you.

Write happy thoughts, write thoughts that
make you cry, write letters to friends
far away and notes to friends close by.

Write about the things that you love ~
write about what’s inside your heart …

Write about fiery red sunsets, the laughter
of friends, hugs, rainstorms, your pet, and
write about what you know best. Just write,
and write and write!

Put all these things together then …
find a quiet place to gather your thoughts
and write them down on paper. Keep a writers
journal. Fill it up, then fill up another …

That’s when you will become a writer.

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Don’t wait …

… to tell a friend, how much joy they bring to your life.
… to notice the good things around you.
… to say “thank you.”
… to give someone special, a hug.
… to share your smile.
… to inspire someone who’s feeling down.
… to offer a heartfelt compliment.
… to just slow down and listen.
… to say “I’m sorry.”
… to appreciate the love of a pet.
… to offer those things that you no longer need to someone who does.
… to do the things that bring you happiness.
… to go after your dreams.
… to take care of you.
… to appreciate sunshine, falling stars, and the soothing sound of rain.
… to share your unique gifts and talents with the world.
… to speak right up and acknowledge someone who has made a difference.
… to write down important events in your life.
… to the last minute, always build in extra time.
… to say “I love you.”
… too long, to read this again.

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Here’s an idea for a classroom bulletin board

First, get some fish templates. Download Linda’s Tools for Teachers and scroll down to page 7.

Print copies for the students to color in their own unique way. You can enlarge the fish designs on a copy machine.

Place the finished fish on bright colored paper with enough extra room to add the students names. Notice a blank fish template on page 4 for those students that want to create their own fish design. The heading on the bulletin board can be: “How can you make our classroom a better place,” “How can you make our school a better place,” or “How can you make the world a better place.”

Arrange the fish on the board around the blank white paper in the middle. On the blank paper, number 1–10 or more. Ask the students for their ideas.

This project will brighten up your classroom and get students thinking.

You can also visit my Only One You page or my You Be You page and click the images to download individual templates.

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What Art Does

Art brings joy
Art teaches flexibility
Art speaks to people in different ways
Art captures a mood, a feeling, a place
Art tells a story
Art builds friendships
Art empowers the artist and enlists reaction from the observer
Art strengthens problem solving skills
Art offers an outlet and a diversion
Art engages the right side of the brain
Art brightens homes, offices, restaurants, schools,
Art transports you to a different place
Art relaxes you
Art enriches the artist’s life and the life of the art appreciator
Art is satisfying
Art makes you smile
Art should be part of everyone’s life
Any age can benefit from being artistic
So, take out some paper, paints, colored pencils, scissors, and glue
and … let the fun begin.
Start now!

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Journal

  1. Journaling allows you to think things through.
  2. Journaling slows you down and helps you get centered.
  3.  Journaling tracks how far you’ve come.
  4. Once you get started journaling, you’ll be hooked.
  5. Journaling encourages you to reach for goals you’ve set.
  6. When memories fade, the words will be there in your journal.
  7. Journaling gives you a sense of accomplishment, when you watch the pages fill up.
  8. You are the author, so the facts will be accurate.
  9. You have a lot to share; you need to write down your life experiences.
  10. Years from now, your perspectives on life will be there for your loved ones to read.
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